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thank you for shopping at miss bees balms...


  • made without water, a small amount of balm/oil goes a long way - use sparingly at first (pea size amount for buttery balms) and apply more as necessary, ideally to clean, warm skin and allow to deeply nourish and moisturise for a few moments following application.


  • as our skincare products are heat sensitive, storing in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight will help keep your products in optimum condition.  exposure to extremes may separate or alter the texture or efficacy.


  • for maximum freshness and potency, please follow the best before dates displayed on the label.


  • as we only use pure plant goodness and omit synthetic preservatives, it's wise to exercise good hygiene (clean hands/spoon or spatula with our balms) when using our products and to help keep them at their best.


  • please avoid getting water into bottles/jars and ensure the lids are replaced securely after use.


  • although we only use gentle, natural ingredients, always patch test new skincare products and check the ingredients list to ensure suitability.   please discontinue use if irritation occurs.   as with all products containing essential oils, please seek professional advice if unsure.


  • all our skincare products are industry certified and fully conform to the european cosmetic products safety regulations.


  • prior to using our herbal tonics, please consult with a qualified medical herbalist or your healthcare practitioner if you are breastfeeding, unsure about suitability of ingredients or taking prescription medication.  not to be used in pregnancy.




any questions or comments about our products?  drop us a note - we would love to hear from you and greatly value our customer comments.