we believe in doing things differently...


miss bees balms is a unique and gorgeous range of highly effective, 100% natural,  pure plant skincare, candles and herbal tonics.  


using only the finest botanical ingredients, our distinctive organic skincare products aim to deeply nourish, balance, and improve the skin structure by harnessing whole plant goodness.


our handpoured wood wick botanical candles are balms for the soul ~ made solely with super eco plant wax and organic essential oils for the ultimate therapeutic experience.


our organic herbal tonics are concentrated liquid extracts of medicinal herbs, expertly formulated to support your wellbeing.  herbal tinctures are much stronger than herb infusions and extract the health promoting and supportive therapeutic properties of plants using alcohol and water.  simply add a few drops to a glass of water or herbal tea...


we know what works

established by a qualified medical herbalist with almost 17 years of clinical experience and extensive knowledge of using medicinal herbs for wellbeing, miss bees balms products are made to the highest quality and standards in accordance with traditional methods.  
each ingredient is thoughtfully considered for its unique properties and qualities, and blended to maximise the rich benefits of plants.  our products are formulated to repair, renew, regenerate, soothe, nourish, moisturise, and protect using only exceptional natural ingredients including cold pressed oils, plant infused oils, butters, waxes, and pure essential oils all carefully selected to restore the natural vitality and radiance of the skin.    
using plant infused oils in our products allows for a very gentle yet potent way of delivering therapeutic plant properties to the skin in a time honoured fashion. 


we believe less is more and simplicity is key...  

using only absolutely essential ingredients, in their purest form, and in optimum quantities, we proudly avoid the use of cheap bulkers, fillers, and synthetics and all other unnecessary and often dubious additions. 
made without water, our oil based products are very concentrated,  packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – the perfect skin food.  following our simple guidelines for use keeps skincare as uncomplicated as it should be.

handmade individually in small batches by me (the herbalist), on a daily basis, ensures maximum freshness and potency.


as you would expect, we endeavour to source organic, sustainable, biodynamic, wildcrafted and fair-trade ingredients wherever possible, supporting small scale suppliers and business.  
we use green, amber and miron glass containers not only for their  preserving and aesthetic properties but also for their endless recycling potential whilst our packaging is kept to a minimum to help reduce environmental impact.  

products are only tested on humans (very successfully) - and not on animals.

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